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We sold a total of 1545 head this week. 44 bulls, 152 lb cows, 101 bred cows, 48 cw/cf pairs, 7 goats and sheep, and 1193 feeder cfs.  Overall I'm going to call the market a touch cheaper this week. Replacement cattle were fair but quality was a off from last week.  The top end of the cw/cf pairs around $1150.  The top end of the bred cows were 1000 with the majority in the  650-750 range. Butcher cows were cheaper, mostly due to poor quality. #1 cows in the 56-60 range. High cow was 62. High kill bull was 91 .  Feeders were steady on fleshy #1 calves and somewhat cheaper on the plainer calves.   We still saw a huge discount on oddball and missfit calves.  Odds, shorts, and plains still seeing a discount.   Please make sure you have minerals out for your cattle.  Visit the USDA Market Report for a full detail report. Call for more info.  Dont forget, we will be closed next week!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for your business!