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We sold a total of 926 head this week. 23 bulls, 89 lb cows, 86 bred cows, 46 cw/cf pairs, 8 goats and sheep, and 674 feeder cfs.  Overall I'm going to call the market steady. Replacement cattle were pretty good with a lot of activity on good young heavy bred cows.  The top end of the cw/cf pairs around $1250.  The top end of the bred cows were 1100 with the majority in the  650-850 range. Butcher cows were steady. #1 cows in the 70-74 range. High cow was 78. High kill bull was 91.  Feeders were steady on lighter to medium weights with good condition, higher on heavy weights and steady on the plainer calves, which made up about 30% of the calves we saw yesterday. Overall the market was still pretty good all the way around. We still saw a huge discount on oddball and missfit calves.  Odds, shorts, and plains still seeing a discount.   Please make sure you have minerals out for your cattle.  Visit the USDA Market Report for a full detail report. Call for more info. 

Thank you for your business!