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8-14-17 We sold a total of 907 head this week. 18 bulls, 63 lb cows, 81 bred cows, 48 cw/cf pairs, and 697 feeder cfs.  Overall the market was cheaper this week compared to last week.  Replacement cattle were fairly steady with the top end of the cw/cf pairs around $1525.  The top end of the bred cows were $1325 with the majority in the 900-1100 range. Butcher cows were A good bit cheaper with #1 cows in the 73/74 range. A few out standing cows around 80.  Feeders were cheaper on the lighter calves but steady on the 5-6 weights.  Alot of activiy in the 5 weight heifers.  We are getting into the dogs days of summer and we will continue to see a big discount for calves still carrying any hair. Overall, I feel like the market has seen it's highs and will be back and forth on in to the summer but overall probably cheaper.   Odds, shorts, and plains still seeing a discount. Please make sure you have minerals out for your cattle. It's hard enough for cattle to handle the heat and stress and they will discount price for cattle showing mineral deficiency.  Visit the USDA Market Report for a full detail report.  Call for more info.  Thanks for your business!!!


USDA Market Report